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Hotels & Guest Houses in Cambridge

& Cambridgeshire

are invited to offer their customers the premier services of a chauffeur standard Taxi Driver

A Unique private hire service in the Cambridgeshire Area for hoteliers

Staying in a Cambridge Hotel or Cambridgeshire

Guest House ?

Would you prefer a slightly more sophisticated taxi service to take you to or from your destination in the Cambridgeshire ( or further ) region ?

Look no further.

You will notice from the photographs on this website that there are no advertising signs on the cars doors.

Or anywhere else for that matter.

Its a little more of a sophisticated image than a vehicle advertising the local Cambridge pizzeria.

Ever wondered about the honesty of your taxi fare when visiting an unfamiliar city ?

Or, if you are a Cambridge hotelier / concierge, how your customers feel about the taxi service you have recommended to them ...

that is a worry ... if not it should be.

A customer to any Cambridge Hotel or Guest House should leave with a positive experience. Your choices and knowledge about local services are important.

Look after your customers as Mr Rooker’s Double A Cab Co Executive Standard taxi service does.



Helping your business reputation by keeping his own.

Hotels in Cambridge & Cambridgeshire

are invited to use the private hire taxi service of Double A Cab Co