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Cambridgeshire Private Hire Operator Michael Rooker has been a professional driver for over 30 years.

A lifelong Cambridgeshire resident, married with 3 children, one daughter and two sons, one of whom proudly serves this country in the RAF.

If you are looking for a taxi to pick you and your mates up from a nightclub at 3.00am this taxi service is not for you.

But if you want a mature, reliable driver to take you or someone you care about to your destination in a courteous manner give Michael a call.

It will be Michael Rooker driving the vehicle. No one else.

No part time casual labour.

No casual staff.

You will be collected in the above vehicle registration AA56 CAB with only the number plate licence plate signs on the front and rear as required by law.

No taxi advertising roof lights or door markings.

No bells and whistles.

A little discretion.

A little more class from a taxi service in Cambridgeshire.

Double A Cab Co is a new taxi service for the

Sawston & Cambridge

area for people who want a little more than the usual private hire service.

You may demand an absolute consistency of service : the same driver and car every time you use a taxi.

Building a rapore can have its benefits.

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